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Just saw two documentaries....
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Author: ArtroPecoTrain [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:32 pm ]
Post subject: Just saw two documentaries....

Both on netflix...

First one was The Human Experience, all I could say is wow. I mean I am fairly well educated man in the world topics but it is all from reading articles and such but never seen it through the eyes of the actually people who suffer it. The two big things in this movie that moved me was the Peruvian homeless children and the leper colony in Ghana. I mean you would think these people would just disgust life or hate others for how they are treated but they really were not. I say watch it if you ever get the chance people.

The other one was called Bigger, Badder and Stronger. A brother did a documentary on steroid use in America and how his brothers use it and how we get thinking that too look this good you don't need to use steroids *which I do believe and have seen plenty of people who look that good without steroids* but in reality every person they have looked up to had been using steroids. I am neither against it or for it but thinking that we are mostly an athletic community it would be something good to watch as well.

Two good movies...tonight I finally get to watch 'Where the Wild Things Are.'

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